The TMJ Treatment Center Team is educated, caring and focused on you.

We believe that a healthy smile is a beautiful smile. Good dental health makes you look better and FEEL better! We use the newest proven techniques to get you that smile you’ve always wanted… whether it’s a cosmetic improvement or a reason to smile, when you’re pain free!

Do you suffer from “untreatable” headaches or unexplained earaches? Do you clench or grind your teeth? TMJ dysfunction/Jaw pain is one of our specialties! Treatment plans are customized to each individual patient, to treat the cause of the pain, not just the symptoms.

Restorations by Dr. Lau are created with your complete dental health in mind. This means that everything, from a simple filling to fix a cavity, to complicated orthodontic treatment is done so your TMJ health is not compromised.

Orthodontic treatment for teeth that are out of alignment or not in the correct position, gives you benefits beyond beauty.  Call us today to schedule a free exam to talk about your choices to give you that smile you’ve always wanted.

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