Welcome to our unique center for successful TMJ treatment.�

TMJ Treatment Center is located in the beautiful town of historic Pendleton, across from Falls Creek Park in the Pendleton Professional Center-just minutes away from the I-69 exit between Anderson and Indianapolis.

TMD composed of multiple problems. We carefully find the sources of the problems and are extremely successful in treatment.

Please Call 765-778-3332 for any assistance.

State-of- The- Art Equipment:

•3 D digital x-ray provides unparallel 4th dimensional views of TM Joints and other related problems
•Cephalometric x-ray machine for creates blue print in orthodontic treatment
•Electromyography used to measures muscle function
•Mandibular Scan used to measures the range of jaw function, normal and abnormal
•Joint Vibration analysis to detect tm joint normal function and abnormal function
•Transelectrical Neural Stimulators (TENS) provides muscle therapy
•Computer Diagnostic Software used to detects the relationship of collected medical data
•Scientifically diagnosing the cause of your pain, and guides us to successful treatment

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