TMJ problems involve more than a single factor. There are numerous causes for TMJ problems. TMJ problems can originate from the teeth, the TM Joint itself, from the jaw muscles, or from other aggravating factors, such as  trauma, both physical and mental.

Most TMJ problems are a combination of the above-mentioned causes. Different causes result in different symptoms. The symptoms resulting from teeth problems will be much different from those resulting from the muscle problems. If the cause of the TMJ problem is not treated, the problem can manifest  into chronic problems and treatment will be more complicated.

Most common signs and symptoms are as follow:

1. Headaches in different area of head
2. Behind the eyes
3. Facial pain
4. Jaw tenderness
5. Ringing in the ears
6. Clicking or grinding sound when opening the mouth or chewing food
7. Problem with  opening mouth
8. Missing  teeth
9. Generalized neck ache/or stiffness
10. Ear pain

This information is FYI only. It is not intended to provide treatment or recommend treatment by any means or methods. Any health problems need careful diagnosis by your attending doctors.

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