The term “treatment” is related to cure, relief, therapy, recovery and solution.
Some of the treatments are referred to as alternative, natural, noninvasive, nonsurgical and physical therapy.
Treatment may involve exercise, relaxation, meditation, massage, moist heat, diet, nutrition, supplements.
Some TMJ treatments involve products, devices, protheses, appliance, braces, night mouth guards.
The person involved in treatment is often a Doctor, Dentist, Otolaryngologist . Other specialists and health care experts may be involved.
A patient may seek treatment in a center, clinic, office, institute or other health organization.
The patient should consult their insurance to see what costs are covered. Not all insurance network doctors treat TMJ problems.
Prescription or over-the-counter medication may involve an anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxants.

The following information is FYI only. It is not intended to provide treatment or recommend treatment by any means or methods. Any health problems need careful diagnosis by your attending doctors.

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