One of the major causes of TMJ problems is the teeth and the related muscles. A dentist who is well trained in the area of TMJ is the best place to start as well as other professionals who have TMJ experience . Treatment based on evidence is always better than belief.

Treatment at the TMJ Treatment Center starts with a thorough diagnosis (exam) and is tailored to each patient’s individual pain problem. Since no two people are alike no one treatment can be assumed. At the Indiana TMJ Treatment Center we use cutting edge technology like 3D digital equipment to painlessly evaluate the source of each person’s problem.  Our extensive experience and success can provide you the best treatment in the least amount of time possible. In many cases a patient’s symptoms can be relieved in as little as two to three days, although we cannot guarantee you will be cured. As mentioned before, each patient is different and responds differently to treatment.

This information is FYI only. It is not intended to provide treatment or recommend treatment by any means or methods. Any health problems need careful diagnosis by your attending doctors.

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