How is TMJ Disorder treated?
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Treatment at the TMJ Treatment Center starts with a thorough diagnosis (exam) and is tailored to each patient’s individual pain problem. Dr. Lau plans a custom treatment for his patients’ TMJ problem based on the cause of their problem- this is called evidence based treatment. Since no two people are alike, each treatment is customized. Our treatment protocol is to treat the cause of the problems and not just treat the symptoms. This is why our diagnostic exam is so thorough.

At the TMJ Treatment Center we use cutting edge technology like 3D digital equipment to painlessly evaluate the source of each person’s problem. Our extensive experience and success can provide you the best treatment in the least amount of time possible. In many cases a patient’s symptoms can be relieved in as little as two to three days, although we cannot guarantee you will be cured. As mentioned before, each patient is different and responds differently to treatment. 

Initial treatment can include a custom designed orthotic/appliance, muscle therapy, exercises, moist heat & ice applications, nutritional advice, supplements. Dr. Lau prefers a non-surgical approach whenever possible.

Prescription or over-the-counter medication may involve an anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxants.

Long term treatment, once the pain has been relieved, is discussed with Dr. Lau, and again, is individualized to address the patient’s specific conditions.

Patients may consult their insurance to see what costs are covered. Not all insurance network doctors treat TMJ problems. We file both medical insurance and dental insurance as possible to help our patients get the best coverage their plans allow.